Other Minds EPUB
Other Minds EPUB

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Other Minds EPUB

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"Ernest Cline meets William Gibson." -Edward Ashton, author of Mickey7 and Antimatter Blues

OTHER MINDS is a collection of two bold new novellas from Chinese Singaporean speculative fiction author, Eliane Boey.

SIGNAL\TRACER (38,000 words)

A near-future cyberpunk story set in the digital world of Lion City, ruled by the Administration, for which two agents, Xi and Wei, must regulate an immersive mirror of their decaying Eastern city. That is, until Xi finds avatars controlled by dead users. The more she digs, the more questions are raised about her identity, the system, and her friendship with Wei.

CARRIER (22,000 words)

Ten years after her flagship project (the deep space hauler, Solar Endeavour) split in half while in orbit, aerospace designer Ming Wen is back, test-flying her new intelligent luxury orbiter, the Infinite Dream. The Dream is her chance at redemption, but also a chance at reconciliation with her estranged twenty-year-old daughter, Cora, who has joined the crew on the voyage. The launch is successful, but the mission might be doomed from the start. An uncanny presence has stowed away aboard the ship and now haunts Ming Wen. But on the Infinite Dream, there is no escape.


Author: ‎Eliane Boey

Publisher: ‎ Dark Matter INK (September 5, 2023)

Format: ‎ EPUB

ISBN: 978-1-958598-45-0

Language: ‎ English

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