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Dark Matter Magazine promises to bring you the best in dark science fiction and horror for seven issues per year in print and digital. Every issue boasts at least eight original stories, two art features, and one reprint story for a minimum of 40k words and 130 pages of content, fully illustrated and printed in full-color on thick, premium-quality paper. Most issues include 1-2 author interview with industry-leading novelists or other creatives, and past issues have even included short 4-page comics, serialized fiction, and dark sci-fi and horror poetry. Every original fiction story is also adapted eventually for audio, both as an ad-free MP3 download and as part of our new streamable podcast, which is currently available for free on all major podcast providers. Learn more about the podcast here.

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Cover Art Feature: It Came from Within

Cover Art Feature: It Came from Within

By Olly Jeavons “That’s it. Let it all out.” –Marissa van Uden Acquisitions Editor
Letter from the Editor: The Great God, Ethos

Letter from the Editor: The Great God, Ethos

By Rob Carroll Let’s start with a quote from Steve Jobs: “When you’re young, you look at television and think there’s a conspiracy. The networks[1] have conspired to dumb us down. But when you get ...
Art Feature: Human Concept

Art Feature: Human Concept

Art by DofreshFeature by Rob Carroll If it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, then any image created by professional concept artist Dofresh is worth a million. His works are rich with...
If you like weird, strange, and darker sci-fi (think more 'alien' and 'the thing'), then you'll love dark matter.

Scott H. (Goodreads Review)

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