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Issue 014

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Dark Matter Magazine Issue 014 Mar-Apr 2023
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Dark Matter Magazine Issue 014A Mar-Apr 2023
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Dark Matter Magazine Issue 014B Mar-Apr 2023
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Issue 014 Authors

Anj Baker

The Tent Revival on Galvani H764

Ray Daley

The Boxing Men

Naomi Eselojor

The Seventy-Year-Old Corpse Harvester

Aia Järvinen

Coin-Operated Boy

Anastasia Kirchoff

It Answered

Zachary Rosenberg

Savior in Steel

Allan Dyen-Shapiro

Side Effects

Erin Strubbe


A. P. Thayer

Agua, Cate

Kay Vaindal

The King of the Universe Dies Again

H. G. Watson


Alphabetical by Last Name

Issue 014 Artists

João Antunes Jr.

Marischa Becker


Cover Art

Issue 014 Interviews

S. A. Chakraborty

Feature by Jena Brown

Rachel Harrison

Feature by Janelle Janson

Andrew F. Sullivan

Feature by Marissa van Uden

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Issue 014



By H. G. Watson When Al dreamed, she always found herself deep in a forest. The trunks of redwoods towered over her. The sun dappled through the green leaves. Al craned her face up, greedy for the ...


By Erin Strubbe I I wake in the night to hollow bones cracking against my window. The Dorsal is dim and folded up at the City’s nape. The atmosphere streaming out from the Gills makes the distant s...
The Seventy-Year-Old Corpse Harvester

The Seventy-Year-Old Corpse Harvester

By Naomi Eselojor You’d never call yourself a revolutionist. You’d never play God. You didn’t need to. You were Tobias Williams, a brilliant billionaire doctor and research engineer who owned the o...

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