We weren't sure you would come, what with the nebulous way in which you received your invitation, but due to the...delicate nature of our work, we trust you understand our reasons. We can't have just anybody showing up here, you know. Someone sooner of later would see something, or hear something, or suspect something, and then, being the "good person" they are, would be liable to call the police. And no one wants that, least of all the unfortunate soul that's been duped by their better angels. But we can trust you, right? Here, take a seat beside the fire. Dr. Abbot will join us shortly. And then the real fun will begin.

While you wait, please enjoy this discount code to our online shop, good for FREE digital downloads of every 2021 issue of Dark Matter Magazine and free digital downloads of all our current MP3 audio stories.* Don't look at me like that. We may be vile, but we're still a business, after all, and a business needs customers. Along with our literary offerings, may I also suggest one of our excellent t-shirts? Every finely machined garment is designed by a skilled artisan and... No? Okay, then. If you need me, I'll just be standing quietly over there, beneath the wall of unsettling taxidermy.

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