Dark Matter Presents:

Zero Dark Thirty

The 30 Darkest Stories from Dark Matter Magazine, 2021-2022

The Darkest of Dark Matter Magazine

Dark Matter Magazine's 30 Darkest Stories

Every story published in Dark Matter Magazine is a best-of story to us, and that's why we had to do something different when choosing stories for the magazine's first ever trade paperback anthology. Enter ZERO DARK THIRTY, a curated collection of the 30 DARKEST stories to haunt our magazine's pages during the first two years of publication (2021-2022). These are the most depressing and deranged tales the magazine has to offer. Enter if you must, but beware.

Print ISBN: 978-1-958598-16-0

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-958598-22-1

Alphabetical by Last Name

The Authors

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Matt Andrew

Annihilate Mankind and Impress Your Friends
From Halloween Special 001

Warren Benedetto

Set for Life
From Issue 004

Mark Burnham

Helter Smelter
From Issue 012

Noah Codega

Declare the Typhoon's Coming
From Issue 009

Andy Dudak

Bodhisattva from Bit
From Issue 001

Brittany Groves

From Issue 006

Thomas Ha

The Liminal Men
From Issue 005

Andrew Leon Hudson

Recycle of Violence
From Issue 003

T. M. Hurree

The Three Breeds of Lie
From Issue 002

Ariel Marken Jack

From Issue 008

Monte Lin

This Choir of Ghosts
From Issue 009

Patrick Lofgren

Little Lives
From Issue 011

Christine Lucas

Of the Sea-born and the Brine-hearted
From Issue 010

Anna Madden

Lady of the Dullahan
From Halloween Special 001

Evan Marcroft

The Hottest on the Hotline
From Issue 002

Jen Marshall

Storm Cellar
From Halloween Special 002

Guy McDonnell

A Twisted Run
From Issue 005

R. L. Meza

From Issue 012

Christi Nogle

From Issue 001

Hailey Piper

Queen of the Cloven Heart
From Halloween Special 001

Lowry Poletti

Rider Within
From Issue 010

Grace R. Reynolds

From Halloween Special 002

Alexandra Seidel

Her Tongue Was Weighted with Salt
From Issue 002

Alex Sobel

The Devil's Travel Agency
From Halloween Special 001

Prashanth Srivatsa

Marasa, or a Withdrawal of Pure Joy for Mr. Antar
From Issue 004

Roni Stinger

The Ground Shook
From Issue 009

Mary G. Thompson

All the Sludge You Want to Drink
From Issue 007

Marissa van Uden

This Will Be the Most Vulnerable Post I've Ever Made
From Issue 007

Erich Alan Werner

Your Augmented Home is Now Ready
From Issue 002

Ordered by Issue (from 001-012)

The Cover Artists

Richard Wagner

Issue 001

Mashiene 11

Issue 002

Tais Teng

Issue 003

Ninja Jo

Issue 004

Olly Jeavons

Issues 005, 009, 011

Voodoo Salad

Issue 006

Rob Shields

Issue 007


Issue 008

Jeff Aphisit

Issue 010

Sean Andrew Murray

Issue 012

The Editor

Rob Carroll

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