Coastal New Weird

25 Stories of the New Weird

Dark Matter Presents The Off-Season: An Anthology of Coastal New Weird features twenty-five brand-new stories of disquieting and disturbing "New Weird" horror set in landscapes and communities on the edge of the sea. These unsettling stories de-familiarize the ordinary, evoke dread in the daylight, and haunt like half-remembered nightmares. They are tales of mysticism, psychedelia, outsiders, obsessions, collapsed boundaries, weird sea life, and the total abandonment reason. Welcome to the your stay behind the curtain. Please check your sanity at the door.

Print ISBN: 978-1-958598-24-5

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-958598-67-2

The Off-Season publishes October 29, 2024

Alphabetical by Last Name

The Authors

Mars Abian

A Date on Berberoka Island

Alex Keikiakapueo Brewster

The Teeth Game

Raymonde Chira

Hell's Shells

Santiago Eximeno


Adriana Grigore

Somewhere Between Tomis and Callatis

Íde Hennessy

The Beach House with its Back to the Sea

K. A. Honeywell

Where Everything Stays

Wailana Kalama

Nā Heʻe

Sloane Leong

Last Resort

Anna Lewis

Thumbs Up

Avra Margariti

We Are Not Yet Healed

J. A. W. McCarthy

The Ocean Vomits What We Discard

Amanda Minkkinen


Samir Sirk Morató

Twilight Tide

Jacy Morris

The Bench

Tiffany Morris

So Full of the Shining Flesh

Karter Mycroft

Some Have No Shield at All

J. P. Oakes

All the Truth the Ocean Holds

Zachary Olson

What Washes Up in Arizona

C. H. Pearce


James Pollard


Dave V. Riser


Richard Thomas


Kay Vaindal

Esther of Prettyboy

Hazel Zorn

The Love of All Seeing Flesh

The Editor

Marissa van Uden

The Cover Artist

Sylvia Strijk

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