Dark Matter Presents:

Monstrous Futures

A Sci-Fi Horror Anthology

Near Future Sci-Fi Horror

29 Brand New Sci-Fi Horror Stories

The future is now, and it's not what we were promised. The optimistic science fiction of old was wrong. Progress is not linear, technology creates as many problems as it solves, and the concept of a better tomorrow has become an abstraction that is in no way guaranteed. When looking at the future now, we no longer ask what is possible, we wonder how we'll cope. Contained within this anthology are 29 never-before-published works by supremely talented authors. Brace yourself for the all too real horrors of what could very well be our terribly monstrous futures.

Print ISBN: 978-1-958598-07-8

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-958598-21-4

Audiobook ISBN: Coming 2023

Alphabetical by Last Name

The Authors

Full Bios Coming Soon

M. H. Ayinde

Fully Comprehensive Code Switch

P. A. Cornell

The Body Remembers

Yelena Crane

Subscribers Only

Rodrigo Culagovski

You Don't Have to Watch This Part

Koji A. Dae

The Least I Can Do

Kevin M. Folliard

Normalcy Protocol

Lew Furber

My Strengths Include Customer Service and Teamwork

Andrea Goyan

Would've, Could've, Should've

Ivy Grimes

The Wrong Mall

Kay Hanifen

Nanny Clouds

D. A. Jobe

A Front Row Seat for Miss Evelyn

Wailana Kalama

Kill Switch

Rae Knowles

Shiny™ People

Catherine Kuo

About a Broken Machine

Rich Larson


Avra Margariti

Who Sees All

J. A. W. McCarthy

Consider This An Opportunity

Christi Nogle

Once a Traveler

Ashleigh Shears

A Smooth Handover

D. Roe Shocky

Scary Canary Actuary

Lisa Short

Father Figure

Hugh A. D. Spencer

The Burn-Outs

Simo Srinivas

Kavo, Beta (Eat, Child)

Kanishk Tantia

I Promise I'll Visit, Ma

M. Elizabeth Ticknor

Inter-Dimensional Travel Solutions

S. J. Townend

All the Parts of a Mermaid That I Can Recall

Kaitlin Tremblay

For Those Not Yet Lost

Emily Ruth Verona

A Flicker

Aigner Loren Wilson

How I Creak for You

The Introduction Author

Andrew F. Sullivan

Author of The Marigold

The Editor

Alex Woodroe

The Cover Artist

Olly Jeavons

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