Dark Fantasy Horrors


Bloody corridors of ancient rock. A castle surrounded by poisonous thorns. A lost temple of traps and corpses. A subaqueous cave at the bottom of a cursed lake. These are the places where secrets are buried, where ancient evils are summoned, where beasts are imprisoned, where the insane lie in wait. These are tombs of darkness and nightmare, where if you stare into the abyss, the abyss will stare back. Heed the warnings of your elders and return from whence you came. Ahead lie monster lairs.

Print ISBN: 978-1-958598-08-5

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-958598-58-0

Audiobook ISBN: Coming 2024

Alphabetical by Last Name

The Authors

Fatima Abdullahi

The Last Guardian

J. W. Allen

Goodbye Gutleech

R. F. Anding


Michael Boulerice

In Pursuit of the Black Chuck Wagon

Kevin M. Casin

To Guard a Garden

Kaitlin Caul

Patch Job

Lyndsey Croal

To Gut a Fish, First Gather its Bones

Marie Croke

To Meld Flesh with Gown and Gown to Flesh

Koji A. Dae

Karakondzhul in Love

Oleander Dudek

Who Gets to Eat the Sun

Victor Forna

Has Someone Ever Dared to Scream?

L. P. Hernandez

Offerings to an Old God

Jordan Hirsch

Sister to the Sea

Andrew Leon Hudson

Dead East

Vanessa Jae

Her Rotten Tongue

Ai Jiang

Your Ballad From Within His Gourd

Wailana Kalama

God Stalker

Alex Langer

The Right Side

Rajiv Moté

Moloch's Children

Leah Ning

The Hunter, the Monster, and the Things That Could Have Been

Damilola Oyedotun

A Journal of Strange Creatures and Beasts from Africa

Zachary Rosenberg

A Matter of Grace

Abhijeet Sathe


Jean Strickland

Story Eater

Kanishk Tantia

Wick, Wax, and Tallow

Gretchen Tessmer

Old Bog Bones

V. F. Thompson

Said the Spider to the Fly

D. Matthew Urban


Emily Ruth Verona

Moonshine (אוֹר הַיָרֵחַ)

Carson Winter

Stories Between the Ribs of the Great Monster Tyron

Lucy Zhang


The Editor

Anna Madden

The Cover Artist

Olly Jeavons

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