Dark Matter Presents:

Human monsters

A Horror Anthology

Chilling Real World Horrors

35 Brand New Tales of Terror

Not all monsters are fantasy. Some are very real, and they walk among us. They're our friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. They're the people we're supposed to trust...and they know it. Contained within this anthology are 35 never-before-published works by supremely talented authors and best-selling novelists. Brace yourself for the unexpected and unimaginable horror of…human monsters.

Print ISBN: 978-1-958598-00-9

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-958598-10-8

Audiobook ISBN: Coming 2023

Featured In

The New York Times

"The range of authors in this collection is impressive. As Christopher Golden writes in the introduction, there is everything from 'superstars to rising stars to the very first sparks of hoped-for careers,' making this an ideal horror sampler." -Danielle Trussoni

Alphabetical by Last Name

The Authors

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Linda D. Addison

Me & My Shadow

Gemma Amor


Jena Brown

The Better Man

Nat Cassidy

Jubilee Juncture

Venezia Castro

Between the Crosses, Row on Row

Andrew Cull

The Heartbreak Boys

Andy Davidson

The Myth of Pasiphaë

L. P. Hernandez

The Bystander

Laurel Hightower

Scrying Eyes

C. S. Humble

Ambush Predator

Emma Alice Johnson

Five Ways to Kill Your Rapist on a Farm

Jeremy Robert Johnson

The Protest

Stephen Graham Jones

One and Done

Rebecca Jones-Howe


Caroline Kepnes

I Did a Thing

Samantha Kolesnik

One Man's Trash

Chad Lutzke

Grave Bait

Josh Malerman

A Sunny Disposition

Catherine McCarthy

Monster Misunderstood

Francesca McDonnell Capossela


Jeremy Megargee


Tim Meyer

The Total Price of One Human Baby, Sales Tax Included

S. P. Miskowski

Down the Road You Might Change Your Mind

Archita Mittra

The Other Wives

Steph Nelson

Into the Barn

Leah Ning


Cynthia Pelayo

Kill Me With Lipstick

Sam Rebelein

7 PM Awards Ceremony, Followed by Girl Scout Auction at 8

Belicia Rhea

Victim 6

Stephen S. Schreffler

Barry & Lich

Greg Sisco

Everyone's a Critic

Elton Skelter


John F. D. Taff

Everything You Want to Be, Everything You Are

Dana Vickerson

Drea's Sparkly Kaboodle

Kelsea Yu

I Swear I Didn't Kill the Others

The Introduction Author

Christopher Golden

Author of Road of Bones

The Editors

Sadie Hartmann

Ashley Saywers

The Cover Artist

Olly Jeavons

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