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The Threshing Floor
The Threshing Floor

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The Threshing Floor

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She’ll do anything to save her child. Even join a cult.

When single mom Dalice learns her toddler, Cash, needs a heart transplant, she gets desperate. There are no guarantees he’ll receive a donor heart in time. And even if he does, she can’t afford the expensive procedure.

Then Dalice meets Shane. He’s part of a mysterious group whose leader claims to be able to heal any disease or injury. Dalice is skeptical at first, and the ritual she witnesses makes her uneasy. But when a broken arm gets healed before her eyes, she can’t deny the truth, and she wants the same miracle for Cash.

As her son’s life hangs in the balance, Dalice must decide how far she’s willing to go to save him. Because the miracles in the secret group come at a steep price. A price that might be too high for even the most devoted mother.

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Author: Steph Nelson

Cover Artist: Olly Jeavons

Publish Date: ‎ November 11, 2024

Language: ‎ English



About the Author

Steph Nelson is the author of horror novel The Vein and horror novella Sawtooth. Her short fiction appears in Dark Matter Presents: Human Monsters and Mother: Tales of Love and Terror.