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The Dead Spot: Stories of Lost Girls
The Dead Spot: Stories of Lost Girls
The Dead Spot: Stories of Lost Girls

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The Dead Spot: Stories of Lost Girls

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The dead spot: a corner drenched in shadow; an earthquake’s epicenter; the part of a roller coaster ride where the car rounds the final curve and all force dissipates, leaving those trapped beneath the safety bar feeling sick and hollow.

From the beloved author of Frost Bite and Chopping Spree comes this heartbreaking horror collection about girls and women trapped by circumstance, manipulation, and obsession. The book includes a moving introduction by J. A. W. McCarthy (Shirley Jackson Award finalist for Sometimes We're Cruel) and seventeen stories by Sylvaine. The stories include: Astronaut Dreams, The Bride, New Hue, Playing Tricks, Sorry, We’re Open, Antifreeze and Sweet Peas, "If Heard, Please Call", Starved, Return of The Wilderness Girls, Night Maere, The Dead Spot, Burnt Embers and Bluebirds, Mr. Chew, Crimson Clover, Unrestful Dogs, Clutching Air, Edge of Decay.

Table of Contents

Introduction by J. A. W. McCarthy

Astronaut Dreams

The Bride

New Hue

Playing Tricks

Sorry, We’re Open

Antifreeze and Sweet Peas

If Heard, Please Call


Return of The Wilderness Girls

Night Maere

The Dead Spot

Burnt Embers and Bluebirds

Mr. Chew

Crimson Clover

Unrestful Dogs

Clutching Air

Edge of Decay

Product Details

Author: Angela Sylvaine

Introduction: J. A. W. McCarthy

Publish Date: ‎ May 21, 2024

Language: ‎ English



About the Author

Angela Sylvaine is a self-proclaimed cheerful goth who writes horror fiction and poetry. Her debut novel, Frost Bite, and debut short story collection, The Dead Spot: Stories of Lost Girls are out now. Angela’s mall slasher novella, Chopping Spree, will be available fall of 2024. Her short fiction and poetry have appeared in over fifty anthologies, magazines, and podcasts, including Southwest Review, Apex, and The NoSleep Podcast. She lives in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains with her sweetheart and three creepy cats. You can find her online at

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