Poetry: Three Poems

Poetry: Three Poems

By Jean-Paul L. Garnier


they put a chip in my brain
said it would speed up thoughts
clearly weren’t thinking about sleep
but now I am, lots, and fast

hunger, heartrate, digestion
chip rode those too
hair’s gone gray
and I’m thinking about it all

so quickly I decide
it was a bad idea
computing what’s next
I think about Dea…

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Private Beauty

the chips made us a hive
every intention known
an enormous flash of surprises

they were the last

we moved in unison
like the films of soldiers
without war, they were/are us
we looped into one set of thoughts
individuality gone, problems solved
things of the past: disagreement, conflict
art, poetry—they died too
so I seek the scalpel
cut this chip out
hoping for the chaotic private beauty



all sensors replaced

I see you from a mile away
touch with polymers
smell from a distance

all organs augmented

EM field perceived
widened spectrum
time moving slowly

all eyes stare

cannot see as I do
judge when seeing
seeing only change

all misunderstand

magnetic fields tell me
stress levels deeper than scent
no one can relate

all nine senses

become animal
or something more
they do not see me as human


Copyright © 2023 Jean-Paul L. Garnier

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Jean-Paul L. Garnier

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