"Addictive Gaming Device With 500 Games Made To Pacify Mouthy Humans"

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Bread and circuses. Food and entertainment. That's all you need to control a population, according to Roman poet, Juvenal. Well, our alien overlords took Juvenal's words to heart when they decided to give us mobile gaming technology. With our faces in our phones, our invaders can now systematically disassemble everything we've built and when we look up, we'll just shrug and go back to our game. Now will someone please order a pizza? All this gaming is making us hungry.


This particular gaming device comes with 500 built-in games, including: Super Contra, Super Mario Bros, Boom Man, Balloon Fight, Donkey Kong, Excitebike, Galaga, Spartan x, Arkanoid, Five Chess, Mahjang, Ice Climber, Superstar, Tennis, Circus, Pooyan, Battle City, F1 Race, PinBall, Soccer, Lone Runner, Nuts Milk, Olympic, 1942, Macross, Starforce, Road Fighter, Badmiton, Sky Destroyer, Bomb Jack, Chinesechess, Urban Champion, Mappy, Penguin Kun Wars and more. It is a lightweight, ultra slim design that fits right into your pocket with ease. Take it with you wherever you go and enjoy the nostalgic feeling when you play on it.

    • Ultra Thin 7.8mm Design
    • Portable and lightweight to fit right in your pocket
    • 500 retro arcade video games
    • Full HD 2.5" Color Display Screen
    • Includes a Micro USB Cable
    • A fully rechargeable battery (through micro-USB) 
    • Last up to 5 Hours of continuous playing time
    • Built-in speaker system
    • Responsive control buttons
    • Silicon protective bumpers
    • Shock-proof and dust resistant
    • Available in 4 Colors: Black, Blue, White and Red