"I Play A Hacker On TV" Mechanical Keyboard And Mouse Set

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I'm a cynic that plays by my own rules, but the audience will quickly learn to love me when I help the good guys for free because their cause is just and I'm really just a softy at heart. Now if you don't mind, I'm about to breach this Russian firewall with a couple strings of random characters and two dramatic clicks of the mouse. Roll film!


Ninja Dragon V1X USB  Wired Ergonomic Backlit Premium Gaming Mechanical Keyboard and Mouse Set with Aluminum Alloy Panel

  • The product configuration is the middle end game IC; the mouse key life 1000W times
  •  DPI four gear regulates 1000-1600-2000-4000
  • The mouse button uses the high-grade skin like technology, the side uses the metal texture electroplating craft, the mouse bottom adds a piece of 1.0 thickness steel plate,full of metal feeling
  • Seven color breathing light is uniform and comfortable
  • The keyboard adopts  liquid silicone, the key cap is double colored injection molding, the light transmittance is good
  • The upper cover of the keyboard is made of aluminum alloy wire drawing technology, which is much higher than the iron sheet on the current market
  • The rainbow light is equipped with three adjustable modes. The brightness of the lamp can be adjusted
  • Mechanical keys for better performance


Wire: 1800mm/5.9ft plastic wire
Key cap: double color injection molding
Panel: aluminum alloy wire drawing
Pressure: 50±5

Wire: 1800mm/5.9ft plastic wire
DPI: four gear adjustment (1000-4000)
Pressure: 65±10
Color: Tungsten Gold