All These Subtle Deceits EPUB
All These Subtle Deceits EPUB

Dark Hart

All These Subtle Deceits EPUB

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NEW TO THIS EDITION: Includes the bonus story, "The Crusade of the Black Cross," by C. S. Humble.


Lauren Saunders moved to Black Wells, Colorado to escape a toxic relationship that stole three years of her life. But her hopeful optimism of a fresh start is dashed after a brutal, supernatural attack sends her screaming from a nightclub into the cold, winter night. Her journey toward recovery leads her to the doorstep of William Daniels—a professional spiritual intercessor and occult consultant. Together they will descend into an occult labyrinth of dark forces and oppressive spirits.

ALL THESE SUBTLE DECEITS, by C. S. Humble, is book one in the Black Wells Series.

This is the EPUB Edition of the book.


Author: ‎ C. S. Humble

Series: ‎ Black Wells (Book One)

Publisher: ‎ Dark Hart Books (October 4, 2022)

Language: ‎ English

Format: EPUB

ISBN: 978-1-958598-09-2

File Size: 9.12 kb