ZORG are Dark Matter Magazine's first NFT collection available on any blockchain. We have entered the NFT space because we see great potential for using blockchain and non-fungible tokens as a way to better create, collaborate, and distribute our magazine offerings, including our Audio and Digital Editions. Many of our NFTs are  backed by real world assets, like download codes and gift cards to our shop. We also see blockchain smart contracts as a more efficient way to contract authors and artists, and pay royalties indefinitely on all future sales without either contracting party having to do anything accept keep an eye on their digital wallet as their earnings grow. NFTs will also make digital publications like Dark Matter re-sellable on the secondary market, which means you can sell the magazine to someone else after you're finished reading! Exciting times. But first, we must stop these darn ZORG!

Just in time for Halloween, we also have a new NFT collection called: Cyberpunkins (Cyberpunk Pumpkins). View the collection here. View all our NFT collections on Craft Network here.

The ZORG are coming!!!

Help stem the tide of their bizarre invasion. Every purchase is one more ZORG captured. No, we don't care that they might be peaceful. Together we will conquer!

At the bottom of this page, you will find a listing of the first few ZORG Defense Network (ZDN) has identified. There are 100 total invaders, and we have identified them all. Also, we nuked their interdimensional portal, so no new ZORG will be coming any time soon.

WARNING: ZORG are not your friends! They are interdimensional war criminals.* They are NOT peaceful creatures wishing to usher humanity into a future utopia with their gifts of science, technology, and unconditional love.** Approach with utmost caution.

*We do not claim to know this as fact, but our paranoid delusions have told us we're right. Trust our paranoid delusions.

***Again, we don't know if this is true. But what is "truth" anyway? All we know is so that they're alien, they look funny, and we hate them.

We Need Your Help

The ZDN is a highly sophisticated network comprised of specialized professionals willing to do whatever necessary to take down these ZORG scum before it's too late. And while we're more than capable of accomplishing this task on our own,* any help we receive can only serve to increase the chances of survival for all humans, even the ones who ROLL THEIR EYES AT US LIKE WE'RE CRAZY! [GREAT! NOW WE'RE SHOUTING!]

Anyway...if you'd like to limit human casualty like any good person would, act now and capture an identified ZORG. Each capture means one less bloodthirsty monster roaming free upon this majestic planet of ours, probably polluting our air and water with their toxic bodily secretions. This is our home. Only we are allowed to kill it.

*Our paranoid delusions tell us we're "special."

Take Action!

ZORG are dangerous, yes, but capture is simple. Just click the profile picture of any ZORG below and you will be taken to Craft Network headquarters, powered by ICON. Both organizations are trusted partners of the ZDN.* Thanks to the power of the advanced technologies that they've created, ZORG can be imprisoned forever on the blockchain by purchasing their 1-of-1, exclusive to Craft Network and ICON, NFT image. Don't ask us how this works. It's basically magic. Something about DNA tracing or something. What do we look like? Scientists? Pftt. We're roguish freedom fighters, baby.

And the best part: If you ever get tired of holding your captured ZORG (perhaps the emotional weight of such service to humanity has just become too much for you to bear), you can sell your ZORG to other members of the Craft Network for whatever price you like. And since many will no doubt see their ZORG-capture as a great source of pride, the secondary market for ZORG ownership might even make you some money since others will be willing to pay an even higher bounty to own one and appear as heroes to the entire human race. Or maybe they're just speculating on price. Whatever. At least the little beasts won't go free.

Not all ZORG will be available for purchase, especially after the first ones start to sell. Many proud patriots will want to keep hold of their charge and won't even list the creature on the market. Then again, maybe you can pry a favorite away by sending the right offer (price is negotiable on Craft). Both listed and unlisted ZORG can be viewed in all their hideousness on the ZORG collection page.

To capture a ZORG, you will need to create an ICON crypto wallet. To learn about ICON crypto wallets, like how to download them on iOS, Android, or as a Chrome browser extension, click here. For high magic, it's actually pretty easy to learn.

*You guessed it...our paranoid delusions tell us to trust them.

List of Identified ZORG

Click on the image of any ZORG below to be taken to their magic capture page. This is just a small sampling, however.

To view all 100 ZORG available for capture, click here.

All proceeds from the sale of ZORG help to fund and grow Dark Matter Magazine. Viva science fiction and horror! Viva genre fiction and art!

ZORG are copyright © 2021, Dark Matter Magazine