"The Past and Future Lives of Test Subjects" Audible Story MP3 Download

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"The Past and Future Lives of Test Subjects" Audio Edition MP3 for download. Professionally voice acted. Professional sound design and score. Runtime: 27 minutes, 20 seconds. Author, Octavia Cade, has written an essay to accompany this story and give context to the horrible and real events presented during the narrative, specifically the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, which was a terrible failing of scientific ethics from 1932-1972 in the United States. The essay, "The Past and Future Lives of Scientists" examines ethics in science today by turning a critical eye to the ethical scientific failures of the past.  Read the important essay here.


Written by Octavia Cade
Performed by Aaron Sinn
Sound Editing and Design by James Findlater
Produced by Phil McLaughlin and Lucy McLaughlin


  • From Issue 001, Jan-Feb 2021
  • MP3
  • Runtime: 00:27:20

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