Winona's Window

Winona's Window

By Alli Lichtman

Winona From Fifty Years Ago dropped the suitcase in the attic for the third time that morning. Though Winona didn’t mind the company, the sound of the suitcase hitting the attic floor was beginning to irritate her.

She sat in the parlor of the old mansion, sipping her tea as she watched Winona From Twenty Years Ago pace through the hallway and up the stairs, as she had done infinite times that week. Across the hallway in the formal living room stood Winona From Two Months Ago, staring out the window and growing fainter as the sun grew brighter. Winona turned away from that one; she hated how she looked from the back. None of her reflections seemed to realize that she or the others were there. They simply went about their business, be it making tea from five years ago seventeen times in a day or dropping the same damn suitcase in the attic every two hours.

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Alli Lichtman

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